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Specialising in Gut Health, Allergies and Fertility Nutrition

I am a qualified clinical nutritionist who takes a holistic approach to help you get to the root cause of what might be causing your symptoms or health concerns.  During your initial consultation, I look at diet, allergies, lifestyle, gut health, stress, sleep, toxins, and emotional and environmental factors.

My focus is to work with you to formulate a personalised treatment plan of diet and lifestyle recommendations that will help to support you on your healing journey.  This will include introducing nourishing foods that will encourage healing and eliminate foods that cause inflammation and disease. 


Where appropriate I recommend nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and homeobotanicals to help accelerate healing and treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I may also recommend further testing (e.g blood, allergy, hormone, etc) to investigate further the possible cause of your symptoms.

My areas of specialisation are fertility,  allergies, gut, and digestive health as these are areas that I have a great deal of experience with as a result of my own personal health journey (see `My Story' for further information).


In 2015 I was privileged to be selected to attend a Certified GAPS Practitioner training course In Australia with the amazing Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.  Since becoming a Certified GAPS Practitioner I have worked with many children and adults with digestive issues and have supported them with the GAPS Protocol.    


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