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Gut and Allergy Clinic

Hippocrates once said ' All diseases begin in the gut' and it is only now that we are beginning to realise how true this really is.  Most health issues can be linked to poor gut health.


In my clinic we focus on addressing gut and digestive symptoms by using food and supplements to improve digestion, eliminating pathogens (e.g parasites, candida, helicobacter pylori) healing the gut and investigating food intolerances that can cause inflammation.


As well as discussing your symptoms, health history, diet and lifestyle at great length I will also complete some clinical assessments to check for some signs of imbalances, organ stress and nutritional deficiencies which may be impacting on your health, These may include iridology, sclerology, nail, tongue and facial analysis, blood pressure, adrenal stress tests, muscle testing, and mineral deficiency tests.  Additional tests such as blood tests, allergy tests, stool tests, parasite tests and Hair Mineral Trace Analysis (HTMA) can be ordered for you on request to further investigate your case. There is an additional charge for this.


At the end of each consultation, you will receive a personalised treatment plan of recommendations which may include dietary advice, lifestyle tips, appropriate supplements, homeopathy and homeobotanicals.  You will also receive meal plans, handouts, and recipes that will help you on your journey back to optimal health.



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